Inbetween 3: Movie Shooting - Singalong

When we arrived in Fort Portal, George asked us to support the YAWE-Drama-Group with shooting an awareness-raising-spot about an HIV-virus that is affecting people who are not taking their medication on HIV frequently. The resistant virus gets even more dangerous once it is transmitted to another person – the freshly infected person will carry the resistant virus and can hardly be treated. In 2015 five members of the YAWE-youth group have already died on the resistant HIV-virus. George’s aim is it now to warn young people through different campaigns - one way to do so is through a filmspot.


Unfortunately, Johanna, our professional for theatre and filmmaking in the ipsum-team is not with us this time – she would be the one for the job! (Johanna - Now we are missing you even more!) Anyhow – it is hard to say NO, when George comes up with an idea - we told him, Erik and me, we still gonna do our best…


So, what happened so far on it? Two weeks ago, we met Rock, a member of the Drama-group who is the director for the spot to shoot. After some discussion about the plot, the script, the title song and all the remaining todos, we have become aware of the fact that it is going to be a whole movie rather than a spot. Edison, the head of the Drama-group had prepared a script which contains 25 scenes. That was to be transfered into a storyboard. Margarita, became Rocks’s assistant and put some effort into working out the storyboard. Thank you Margarita! Rock, the other actors, Edison, George and us, we were able to schedule a shooting plan following the storyboard. As some of the main actors are currently studying in Kampala, we planned to have the shooting from 11th until the 17th of March. Until then all material has to be prepared, locations have to be selected and all actors have to be trained and have to come back to Fort Portal. The movie-team is growing since then – Marjorie joined as editor, Nadine became camera-assistant and Edita took over as producer.


We managed to have a first filming-session for recording the title song. We spent a very nice and joyfull afternoon together on sight – singing, dancing and filming! Get some impressions from the making-off-pictures Erik was taking on location:



The actors preparing for the trip to the first movie-set.




Our location-scouts did a great job – we were filming beside the road, just at the beginning of the Rewenzori mountains.




George was responsible for the audio device, me, I was checking on the lighting conditions.





1st setting: the whole group singing.





2nd setting: Deborah giving her solo-part.




Nadine, our camera-assistant and some audience on set.




3rd setting: Edison and Rock on their duet-part.





4th setting: Deborah, Barbi, Rock and Edison singing in quartet.







5th setting: Everybody singing and dancing.





Finish: Time to get home again! Looking forward to the next movie-session!


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