Inbetween 2: Election Day

Your vote counts?



It is not just today that you can feel the density of the political climate in Uganda. From the first day on we could follow the campaigns – mostly the one of the current long-term-do-not-let-go-president Yoweri Musenveni. It is the sixth time that he is running for presidency. He can do so due to his own “editing” of the constitution. Here is an overview on the candidates:



We went with George to his village and had the chance to understand how the voting procedure is organized. What we learned from the newspaper, we could find later for real on a small field in front of a church.









It seems to us, that the people are split. The ones crave for transformation. “Musenveni could have been a second Mandela, a national hero”, we were told. “But for that, he should have had released power 20 years ago.” The others are just afraid of losing peace and fall back to the times when the dictatorships of Milton Obote and Idi Amin were oppressing the people. We guess, in this case fear might overrule the aspiration for change.


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So the election turned out as expected.

We have local elections tomorrow. Peter and myself are candidates for the Green Party in our village Mutters. Since the Green Party group is relatively small we are very curious how many people will vote for us and how many from our group will have the chance to be part in the village government after the election. We are hoping at least for two.

Many greetings and all the best,

If you become Major in

If you become Major in Mutters, I would rather come and join you instead of moving to Innsbruck!!! Good luck!

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