Inbetween 1: Coming Back to School Day

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Last week school started again. For those kids in the surrounding area, who would drop out of school because they have no money to buy school material (pencils, schoolbooks, rulers…), Perspektive für Kinder and YAWE buy and distribute what is needed. George asked us to accompany him to Kampala to organize the material.





Honestly – it is quite a challenge to do that through public transportation. But we managed to bring the material safely all the way from Kampala to the western edge of Uganda.



After the transportation job the YAWE-Team and the volunteers, Isolde, Nadine and Antra packed the material in order to get each kid what is needed.




Where to go with the waste after finishing the unpacking and repacking job? Unfortunately - as there is no public garbage collection service available, the common way of getting rid of it is burning it down.




In the meantime, the kids and some of the parents were already gathering and awaiting the distribution.




The YAWE -Team organized the function and George held a speech.



And later on the school material was handed over to the students one after the other.





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School material

So many nice pictures!!

I can hardly believe that you brought the school material with public transport.

... ah ya, it is hard to

... ah ya, it is hard to believe - actually it was fun and exhausting at the same time! I am always wondering, when George is managing to have some recreational time. I would say, we should make a crowdfunding for getting George some vacation!!! What do you think?


What is this? VACATION? :)

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