Here and There and Inbetween

 Hello Austria, hello Uganda, hello elsewhere!


Erik and me, we finally arrived in Fort Portal and have started the ipsum-Workshop with the YAWE-Team. We will now take the chance and write a blog about our work with the YAWE-Team in Fort Portal and give some post-impressions of the workshop with the Perspektive-Team back in Austria (held from November 2015 until January 2016). Apart from that we will also give some insights of what is happening inbetween the workshop sessions, when we are not on duty as ipsum-workshop conductors.


We will call those parts of the blog in which we are telling about our ipsum-workshop with the YAWE and Perspektive-team “Here and There”. The stories from our experiences apart from the ipsum-workshop is called “Inbetween”.


For better orientation and for easy catching up, if you missed some parts and still want to stay updated, we will provide you with links to the different blog-entries at the beginning of the blog-page.

And – most importantly – we are looking forward to your comments, ideas and stories in exchange!

Hoping to stay in touch with you – here, there and inbetween!


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Dear Friends in Fort Portal, Uganda! Dear Vera and Erik. At first of all i want to thank you for all your efforts. As one of the partitipant of "Views in Transistion" i must say now i see more. More about my environment and more about my self. I am really happy to have Ipsum on board. I wish this blog will be a platform to learn more about life conditions and also for communication. Please share with us.....??

Hey Thomas, same for us - we

Hey Thomas,
same for us - we are very happy to be connected with Perspektive and YAWE!
Thank you!


Dear Vera and Erik,

congratulations on your new blog about your activities in and around Fort Portal/Uganda. I like the outlines and the structure of the blog - very appealing. For me it is of course intersting to be part of the activities that you describe - so many memories are emerging - memories of the time when I was there just a year ago.
I wish you all the best for the workshops and the time "inbetween" - many of my thoughts are with you.

Many greetings from Kreith/Innsbruck,

Olyota Maresi! We are missing

Olyota Maresi!
We are missing you here on location - but your good spirit is still with us and with the YAWE-Team!

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