Here and There 8: ipsum-Workshops for Youth and Caretakers


The freshly trained ipsum-trainers did not wait for long… They planned and started their first workshops in the beginning of May.


Crimson and Mary were the once who started first, Moureen and Nicholas were following them. Each team invited eight people from the YAWE-Youthgroup, the “Unique Stars”, young people who are affected by HIV.

Marjorie and Anthony chose to work with the YAWE-caretakers, parents who have disabled children and being part of the YAWE-self-support-group.


The three teams applied in their workshops what we were talking, sharing and discussing before in our training-sessions. But – the new ipsum-trainers did not just copy and paste, what they got from us. The great thing on their workshop-program is, that it is a mixture of ipsum-methods and creative adjustments to what is needed in the certain workshop-group. Once in a while we were assisting the new ipsum-trainers… But to be honest – it was mostly not necessary!


Here are some impressions from the workshops with the “Unique Stars” and the Caretakers:



We are used to have “Five Crazy Minutes” to start off or to get fresh from talking or listening: Zip Zap Spoing is one of our favourite fun-methods that we are also playing a lot when we are in meetings with the ipsum-team back in Austria – a mixture of fun, concentration, physical exercise and just fun.



Guiding the blind is a method that we took over from Augusto Boal – it is a good way to learn how to trust others and to experience how it is if we are lacking one of our main senses – the seeing.





Painting self-portraits: As taking “Selfies” is nowadays one of the most popular photographic topics, at one point in our ipsum-programs the participants are invited to paint themselves. People are mostly concerned about their painting abilities, but after some time everybody is enjoying the intensive process of working and thinking on and about oneself. Afterwards the self-portraits are presented and discussed in the group – a quite sensitive and touching process!





Pinhole Pics: Constructing the own camera and in so doing learning what photography is about… It is about 200 years ago, that the camera was invented – still photography is based on the same principals. All you need is a box, to make it completely dark, make a small whole with a pin and load it with photographic paper in a darkroom with red light. Yes, it is necessary to be patient and to have some kind of an explorer spirit – but it is worth trying! What you get out of it? – unique photos that have a special value in times of digital reproduction.




Learning how to handle the camera: Each participant got a digital camera to take pictures in the own every-day-life. Most of them did not have the chance to take pictures with a camera before. It took some time to try and get familiar with the digicams.



While the mothers were occupied with their cameras, the babies were enjoying the camerabags that Jeniffer had produced for the ipsum-cams.



Picture Transfer: In order that pictures are printed it is necessary to transfer the selected pictures on a flash drive and bring it to the photo-lab in town. We were mostly underestimating the time that is needed for the copying process.




Picture Dialogue: One of our main ipsum-method is to present a selection of pictures from every-day-life to the workshop-group. The challenge hereby is to select what is most important to oneself and to listen what the other participants tell you about your own pictures. Everybody has the chance to show something to the others and everybody has the chance to express the own thoughts feelings and concerns. The process of picture dialogue is a great challenge for the trainers – they have to take care that all participants can present what they want and that the discussion on the pictures is held in a respectful and sensitive way.


For us, it is amazing to see how the new ipsum-trainers, Mary, Crimson, Moureen, Nicholas, Marjorie and Anthony are planning, organizing, implementing and reflecting their workshops! Congratulation, we are very proud to have such a great workshop-team in Uganda!


Now, what’s coming up… Anthony and Marjorie just started another Caretaker-Workshop, Erik will conduct a video-workshop and me, I will conduct a workshop for the tailoring class of Jeniffer. Still quite a lot to do. Not to forget, that we will have a final exhibition on the 25th of June. All workshop-participants can take part and we will also have the screening of the movie “Where to go” that we produced together with the YAWE-Youth.


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