Here and There 7: Train the Trainer Program

Our next step is to plan and implement a Train the Trainer Program for staff members of YAWE. The aim is to learn and teach each other about education and learning in general, gain skills on how to become a good workshop conductor and learn more about photography as a tool for dialogue.

On 20th of April 2016 we started the Program. Mary, Crimson, Nicholas, Marjorie, Moureen, Anthony, Erik and me were scheduling eight meetings for our Training.


We were exchanging our experience in education and learning. At some points we found a lot of differences in the education system of Uganda and Austria. Here are some examples of it: In Austria we did not have to pay fees for primary and secondary school… in Uganda some of our participants had to work hard as kids in order to earn money for the school fees – or they had to find a sponsor who could manage for them; in Austria, we had busses, trains or other public services that took us to school… in Uganda, kids in remote villages have still to walk far to reach their school – it is not easy to keep motivation to walk about 10 kilometers or more per day in any weather condition; and maybe the most disturbing difference for us – our Ugandan colleagues were telling about their experience of physical and mental violence at school – beating and humiliation was usual in daily life at school – at least it seems that nowadays the beating is not as usual as it was in early 2000… Erik and me found ourselves very lucky in not sharing these experiences with our colleagues here in Uganda



But there were also some similarities in our education experience: We shared that is was quite a burden to have bored teachers who were themselves not interested in learning, we found that curiosity is one of the most important things that we should preserve from childhood in order to be able to still explore the world surrounding us as adults. We shared that friendship is one of the most important things that you can find at school.



In teams of two we were reading some pages out of Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Opressed”. In his writing we could find a common ground in our ideas of education. It gave us a good basis for what kind of teachers/workshop conductors we would like to be ourselves.




A main part of our training was to share, explain, try and reflect on various methods that can be used in workshop sessions to encourage people in their own learning process. In doing so we were inspired by Augusto Boal and his Methods for the “Theatre of the Opressed”.





We were discussing about photography, taking pictures, sharing our pictures and stories with each other. Still, it is necessary to learn more about the observation of light and shadow, about focusing, about framing, the right moment, colors…



Finally, the participants teamed up two by two. Each team will be conducting their own workshop as newly trained ipsum-trainers:



The Team CriMa – Crimson and Mary and the team MoNi – Moureen and Nicholas will each conduct a workshop with YAWE-youth who are mostly challenged by HIV.



The team AnMa – Anthony and Marjorie will conduct a workshop with the YAWE-Caretakers, parents who have disabled kids and are challenged by HIV.




Planning, scheduling, preparing the sessions is now the task for the new ipsum-trainers. Erik and me will assist and help when it is needed. Looking forward to the first workshop sessions!


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