Here and There 6: ipsum Exhibition

In the last part of our workshop with the YAWE-Team we were focusing on presentation and exhibition skills. Best thing to do so is learning by doing. We decided to create an exhibition.

The participants had to fulfill three main tasks in the preparation of the exhibition:

  • Making a picture selection and  thinking of how to arrange them.
  • Finding different material that suits to connect content and presentation form.
  • Constructing an individual piece of art.





Finally everybody had an art piece to present and we were ready for the opening, which took place on the 31st of April 2016.

Part of the opening was, of course, speeches…




And then we had to do a last group activity to fulfill the workshop program: Creating a final YAWE map with those pictures of the participants that were chosen on the question: Which picture (out of all you have taken in the workshop) is representing best your connection to YAWE?

It is never easy to create one collective picture out of so many individual positions – but that’s is actually how we can learn together. The group discussion was interesting, funny, contesting, exhausting, joyful, serious and enlightening at the same time.





In Austria, we did not have an exhibition with the Perspective-team, but we had of course a final Mapping with them.





Let’s put the YAWE-Map beside the Perspective-Map … both are showing some kind of a tree!




No opening ceremony without the cutting of the ribbon….



Here we go, have a look, share, leave some comments and enjoy!







And finally – we had cake, music and dancing!







We proudly present the great variety of photographic art pieces that were shown in the exhibition:



We are happy to announce, that the ipsum-community won a great bunch of fresh members through the workshop with the YAWE-team! You can find the pictures of the new ipsum-photographers on our website:


new ipsum-photographers


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Missing Uganda!

Finally there is a new blogpost. Honestly i was waiting for so long. It's great to see everybody at least on pictures. I wish i would have been part of it. I really enjoy reading your post. Whenever I miss Uganda, I just start reading your post all over again and it always cheers me up. You both don't even know how lucky you are to be there! Enjoy your time and see you back home in Austria!

Please say hello to everybody!

Atwooki (Nadine)

neue Bilder und Eindrücke

Liebe Vera und lieber Erik,

ich habe gerade eure neuen Einträge gesehen. Das wirkt wie immer sehr bunt und spannend. Ich denke oft an euch und hoffe, dass es euch gut geht. Ich merke, dass mit der Zeit die Intensität der Verbindung zu euch und euren Aktivitäten etwas nachlässt, vor allem weil wir auch selber hier mit vielen Themen, die zum Teil mit YAWE aber auch mit der Problematik der geflüchteten Menschen zu tun haben, konfrontiert sind. Wird es da eigentlich - wie am Anfang geplant - so eine Art "Verbindungs-Workshop" mit unseren beiden Vereinen geben?

Ich freue mich immer von euch zu hören und wünsche euch alles, alles Gute für die weiteren Aktivitäten.
Alles Liebe,

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