Here and There 4: Picture Dialogue 1

The workshop phase focusing on photo skills is already over, we are now in the middle of practicing storytelling skills using digital cameras. The knowledge gained on basic photo-technics, lighting conditions and exposure time through the box-cameras can now be applied in everyday-photography.


People are taking pictures answering the question: What is important to you in your everyday-life? What touches you?


We print selected pictures of the participants in a digital lab in town and get them back to the photographers.




In groups of 3-5 people the participants started to make their first experience in “Picture Dialogue”. Everybody had the chance to present the own pictures to colleagues and got feedback from them. People were reading their photos.




Thoughts, ideas, emotions and stories were discovered within the own photos and the ones of the others. Sometimes differences between the own story and the other’s story came up and were discussed. In other cases people could find common ground on ideas - even if they were not expecting it. It seems easy, but actually it is a quite difficult task to fulfill – listening, sharing, exchanging, exploring how the own and the other’s ideas match or differ from each other.




It is a great experience for us to work with the YAWE-team. They are getting us a first-time-experience after 12 years of ipsum in terms of participation and hierarchical structures: Yes, there is a hierarchy within the team – there is a director on top, there are employees, there are volunteers… People have different roles, different salary, responsibilities and involvement. Still – there is a joint spirit that allows the whole team to participate and to share with each other in the workshop sessions. We are just glad that we have the opportunity to be part of it for some time!


And: Here some insights to the first Picture Dialogue of the Perspektive-Team back in December 2015 in Tyrol:









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It is nice to see how

It is nice to see how everybody out of our teams in Fort Portal and Innsbruck is seriously involved in the picture dialogue. You feel a sense of belonging and attention.
I am always very curious about the things you do in Fort Portal. So all the best for the further actions.

Greetings from Kreith, Tirol, Austria,

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