Here and There 3: Box-Cam & Box-Pics

Time passes so fast – I am quite behind with our blog. But I try catching up and give you some insights about our latest activities with the YAWE-Team.


Last week we had intensive sessions on photo skills, we were building our own pinhole cameras, we installed a laboratory in the bathroom of the YAWE-Center…


… first we took pictures in groups to learn how the process works…





…later on everybody took his/her own box-picture…






…and we managed to make a bunch of really impressing box-pics…











We should not forget to bring some of the results back to the people from different shoeshops in town! No wonder that people do not believe us when we are talking about the shoebox-camera – I am still wondering and feeling surprised about the fact that we take pictures with boxes (even though I have been taking pictures with boxes for about 15 years now)… it works and it is so simple, just great!


In Tyrol, we had our boxcam-session in December – let’s have a look back:









Lorena, Peter and Maresi






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