Here and There 2: Mapping 1

We do have the honor to present the participants of the YAWE-Perspektive-ipsum-workshop 2015-2016:


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Our second workshop session with the YAWE-Team took place on the 16th of February. This time we had a very dense programme – we almost managed to get through…


First, we processed the pictures, the participants took on the question “How are you connected to YAWE” and build a YAWE-map out of it. Here is the result for now:




Back in Tyrol, we started the workshop similarly, but still a little different. Instead of taking a picture to answer the question, how are you connected to Perspektive and YAWE, everybody brought an item from home, that could stand for a personal answer to the question. The different items were put together, just as if they were parts of a map. The result was a Perspektive-map composed by those items:



Next step was to work on the portrait-pictures the participants have taken in the first session. 



In groups of four they were discussing on the pictures they were modelling for and the ones they have taken of somebody else.




Out of their portrait pictures the participants found different answers on the question: What aspects make a picture a good one? The different answers lead to an interesting discussion about what “good” means and on the aspect that what is good is mostly depending on the context. Still, we could arrange a list of aspects, which can give some orientation for taking pictures in everyday life: Variety of perspective, contrast, colour, back-/and foreground, posing, natural look, lighting, focus…




After having a short break, we had a small introduction to what photography basically is, that lead us to the next big challenge: The construction of an own pinhole camera.



We managed to darken and fix the boxes…still there are some steps to do.



We will continue working on it next session…. Until then, everybody keeps his/her own digital camera and starts taking pictures in everyday life.





The impulse for that is on the one hand the YAWE-map, on the other hand there is again a question that can help expressing oneself through photography: What is important to you in your everyday life?


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