Here and There 1: First Steps

So, let us get going…

On Monday, 8th of February, George introduced us and the project “Views in Transition” to the YAWE team and we could give a short introduction to what is planned for the next five months.



We managed to make a schedule for the YAWE-workshop. It was not easy to find time (just as in Tyrol), but we finally got a schedule that fits into the working plan of YAWE and suits the participants.


So, here is the plan in short:

The first three sessions will be on photo skills, the next three about storytelling and the last two about presentation skills. After the YAWE-workshop, we will get started with the Train-the-Trainer-programme and exchange methods and skills between YAWE and ipsum. The freshly trained trainers will then be responsible for further workshops with the YAWE-Youth and the YAWE-Caretaker-group. It seems that we will be busy until June. Hopefully we manage to catch up with this blog from time to time!


The first session of the YAWE-workshop started Thursday, 11th of February.




After the introduction, the first task was to take one single picture somewhere in the YAWE-Center to answer the following question: How are you connected to YAWE?
We will see the variety of answers (in form of pictures) tomorrow, in our next session….


Then, we were discussing a bit about lighting and portraying. The participants teamed up two by two and made some portray pictures.



And here some impressions from the first session with the Perspektive-Team, which was in November 2015:






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It is nice to see all of us people connected in workshops. I can imagine how it was to take pictures from one another. It also seems to be a tight schedule - hopefully all is going well.

Just yesterday we had a "Perspektive"-meeting and we realized that we will also be very busy for the next weeks. Many awareness and fund raising events had to be discussed and planned. We thought that through the ipsum-project we have the opportunity to be more connected to the activities of the teams - both in Uganda and Austria.

Good luck,

Sending you all the best for

Sending you all the best for your planned activities!

Dear Maresi

Thank you for your comments. Yes the next time will be bussy.

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